Sino-Eco Thirty-Year Anniversary


President Jim Tang announced 2010-2012 Sino-Eco Executive Committee and Board of Directors. (May 21, 2010)


Sino-Eco 2010 Election Results Announced.

Dear Sino-Eco friends,

The voting for Sino-Eco 2010 Presidential Election has ended on April 25. We have received a total of 36 valid votes. All votes went to candidate Dr. Jianwu (Jim) Tang. According to Sino-Eco Bylaws and the voting results, Dr. Tang is hereby elected as the Sino-Eco President for the term 2010-2012.

Congratulations! We trust Dr. Tang will lead our organization to a new stage in the coming two years. The Election Committee would like to thank all who made this election process so smooth and we appreciate your continued support of Sino-Eco.

2010 Sino-Eco Election Committee
Ge Sun
Wei Ren
Ben Gu
Hua Chen

(April 28, 2010)


Dear Sino-Eco Friends,

While we are celebrating the traditional Chinese New Year, I am pleased to announce that we have received a large monetary donation ($8,000) from the Chinese Academic Link International Association (CAL) (See below for information of CAL .) for establishing 'Sino-Eo CAL?Hanxi Yang Ecology Fund".

*"The Fund is established in the cerebration of Professor Hanxi Yang’s momentous achievements in ecology. As a pioneer in plant ecology and mathematic ecology, Professor Yang is a well-respected scholar, professor and ecologist in China and the world. Professor Yang served as vice-president of the International Committee of Man and the Biosphere and is Senior Academia of the Chinese Academy We are celebrating his accomplishments, contribution, and commitment in ecology for more than 60 years. In the same way, we are also encouraging more ecologists to dedicate their talents and excellent research to the advancement of ecology in China." *

The Fund will be put into Sino-Eco's account and be managed by a?Award Committee as defined by the Bylaws (attached). A letter to Prof Yang is also attached?FYI.

My sincere gratitude goes to to Dr. Zhongren Wu, CAL President for his vision to support Sino-Eco's mission, and Dr. Yegang Wu, one of the founders and long time supporter of Sino-Eco for this historic initiative. I promise that Sino-Eco will manage the Fund professionally for a great good for the years to come. ?




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